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Radical Guide DNA Activation

Athena Seye Holistic Mystic

DNA Activation is a beautiful healing process that allows the body, mind & your higher self to connect on a deeper level where you can actually feel Spirit within you.

It peels back the many layers that may be keeping you stuck in your life and/or business to unveil your true Soul’s Essence.

DNA Activation unlocks your true potential and allows you to shift into your Divine Power.  It is like the sun on your skin and you are remembering the warmth and radiance of all that is.  DNA Activation awakens a part of you that has been asleep for so long.

This ancient healing modality helps you continue to integrate as you progress on your spiritual journey.

It has changed my life so much that I became a Radical Guided DNA Activation Practitioner.  I now share this powerful work with my clients.


A few reasons DNA Activation may be right for you

-Feeling stuck in your life and/or business
-Feeling pulled to learn about your Starseed Lineage
-You are ready for the next step in your healing journey
-Have a deep desire to explore the depths of your soul
-Realease vow & contracts through your Akasha
-Activation of your 2 main clairs
-Activation of your 2 main archetypes
-You are ready to unlock your magick
-Embodyment of your sovergnity
-You want to embrace your Divine Feminine Power and work closely with the Mary Magdelene Sisterhood Conciousness

Let me help you with…

DNA activation is a healing modality that goes back to ancient Egyptian times. It is a sacred form of healing based through the heart chakra and connects you with the earth’s grid lines.  This healing process will boost your confidence, increase clarity, improve your energy, reawakens your shakti energy, opens the energy pathways to allow a greater flow of energy through, removes seals placed on your spiritual strands of DNA, restore your DNA to its pristine crystalline form,  open your psychic gifts and connect you to the Mary Magdelene lineage.

Each set of 24 strands is done in 2 remote sessions.


Explore the depths and the light within your soul to help you on your healing journey. Meet your Galatical Guide Team, Past Life Healing, Cord Cutting, Energy Healing,  Womb Healing, Light Language Activation and so more.  Join me for a 60min Soul Vision Quest that leads you to the messages & answers you seek to get you unstuck and back in alignment with your dreams.

This in-person 1-hour session includes therapeutic grade essential oils with vita flex foot treatment. During a session, clients feel relaxed and renewed. Reiki unblocks areas within your body where energy gets stuck as the result of stress, anxiety, depression the normal aging process, and disease. During your session, we will work on your specific needs using Reiki hand positions and essential oils that will benefit your personal healing needs on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


Reiki removes negative energy and realigns your energy to promote healing. Physical benefits are reduction of pain, increase immune function, stress reduction, relief from anxiety and depression, increase focus and more energy throughout the day. No need to stop what you’re doing, you can go about your day and the energy will flow. This is done at a distance. No need to be present. When finished with your reiki treatment you will receive an audio clip with messages that came through and areas that needed realignment. 


Essential oils are a beautiful, simple & effective way to cleanse, clear, and ground your energy as well as uplift your spirit, promote restful sleep, and support the body to return to its natural state of wellness.

You can use oils in your work life, meditations, add to a bedtime routine, and even to your skincare routine.

Adding essential oils to your everyday life helps you shift your awareness to the present moment and connect deeper to your soul essence.



Mediums help to bridge the gap between the living and the deceased, giving you messages to expand your mind about life after death and offer you guidance forward.

In this 30min session, you will receive Messages from Spirit (loved ones who have passed), Oracle readings, and Energy readings.
***Please note that we can not call on a specific Spirit.  Whoever needs to show up will show up for you but we can not summon them.  Please have an open mind and an open heart about this session.


In this 30min remote session, I will intuitively create a Crystal Grid for your physical, energetic, and emotional needs. I also send energy healing through all the chakras relaying any messages that need to come through. Often times Spirit Guides step forward to assist with this healing and provide messages to help you along your journey.  You will receive sound healing ( tuning forks, singing bowls as well as light language) to clear and balance your entire chakra system.

You don’t need to be present for this service go about your day and I will record all information received and send it via email.