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Radical Guide DNA Activation

Athena Seye Holistic Mystic

DNA Activation is a beautiful healing modality that awakens our dormant cosmic DNA strands to restore & activate the truest potential within us. It ignites the process of embodiment of your highest self. 

It peels back the many layers that may be keeping you stuck in your life and/or business to unveil your true Soul’s Essence.

DNA Activation unlocks your true potential and allows you to shift into your Divine Power.  It is like the sun on your skin and you are remembering the warmth and radiance of all that is.  DNA Activation awakens a part of you that has been asleep for so long. You become or remember your soul connection to the Magdalene/Isis priestess lineages activating sacred wisdom within. 

Radical Guide DNA Activation unlocks the spiritual power that has been dormant inside of you by removing seals, including Zeta and J-Seals, implants, etheric balancing, deep soul messages, activates your psychic gifts, connection to your guides, angelic team and activating your Cosmic Strands of DNA. Completely restoring you to your pristine crystalline body. This aligns you to higher levels of your being (higher-self) and light body. 

This ancient healing modality helps you continue to integrate through the waves of immersion into your Higher-Self as you progress on your spiritual journey.  After the process of integration and through your spiritual awareness you start to embody your Soul’s essence providing more clarity for the steps ahead while activation your gifts and launching you onto a new timeline. We also clear karmic vows and contracts through the streams of Akasha releasing the patterns that no longer serve you.

How to work together…

DNA activation is a healing modality that goes back to ancient Egyptian times. It is a sacred form of healing based through the heart chakra and connects you with the earth’s grid lines.  This healing process will boost your confidence, increase clarity, improve your energy, reawakens your shakti energy, opens the energy pathways to allow a greater flow of energy through, removes seals placed on your spiritual strands of DNA, restore your DNA to its pristine crystalline form,  open your psychic gifts and connect you to the Mary Magdalene lineage.

Each set of 24 strands is done in 2 remote sessions. No need to be present. I record each session, on video, and send it via email.


Explore the depths and the light within your soul to help you on your healing journey.  Receive an Oracle card spread, meet your Galactic Guide Team, Past Life Healing, Cord Cutting, Shadow Work, Energy Healing,  Light Language Activation and more.  Join me for a 60min Soul Vision Quest that leads you to the messages & answers you seek to get you unstuck and back in alignment with your dreams.  All done on Zoom.

 In this channeled session we will explore your connection to the stars through a vision quest. The ancient wisdom from your soul is weaved together with interstellar guidance as I pull forward your galactic Starseed energies through your cosmic strands of DNA revealing your galactic archetypal energies, that are most prevalent in your current life. This includes an oracle card spread, crystal grid, meeting your Starseed family, past life healing and/or clearing of vows/contracts and meditation. 

All done on Zoom.  

This in-person 1-hour session includes therapeutic grade essential oils with vita flex foot treatment. During a session, clients feel relaxed and renewed. Reiki unblocks areas within your body where energy gets stuck as the result of stress, anxiety, depression the normal aging process, and disease. During your session, we will work on your specific needs using Reiki hand positions and essential oils that will benefit your personal healing needs on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


 This remote session includes a 6-card spread to deepen your relationship to self and others, providing insight along your path towards discovering your essence of Divine Love. Channeled messages to help you move through any blocks.
Plus receive a Kundalini Reiki Boost to Kickstart your root chakra and assist you in increasing your life force energy.

All of this is recorded and sent  via email.

Reiki removes negative energy and realigns your energy to promote healing. Physical benefits are reduction of pain, increase immune function, stress reduction, relief from anxiety and depression, increase focus and more energy throughout the day. No need to stop what you’re doing, you can go about your day and the energy will flow. 


We hold so much power within us. At times we may experience difficulty accessing that creatrix energy due to stress, trauma, programming, and collective energies. Working with Ascended Masters as we help you clear, heal and expand your sacred archetypal energies. This 90min session can provide more clarity on how you desire to show up & create in the world. We also dive into ancestral healing, past-life healing, and karmic release all while attuning & activating your living light body.


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