Everyday Divinity

Stop Hiding Your Magick

Release self-doubt and become the embodied healer you came here to be, while using your gifts confidently in the world.

Your soul led you here.

For too long you’ve been struggling, feeling depleted in life and in your business. Feeling the doubt, uncertainty, confusion and fear standing in your way to self realization and expansion.

It is time to live your life with love, passion and on purpose allowing your confidence to shine bright. It is time to tune into your intuition, express yourself fully and reclaim your Divinity.

We are here to repair the bridge to Divinity. The bridge is our Sacred Heart.

My promise: Give me 6 months and I will give you the sacred practices to attune yourself to your higher purpose.


A 6-month Activation Embodiment Experience.

Together we are going to unravel the layers that have kept you in the dark, revealing your soul purpose and discover your unique magick to share with the world. Together we will heal the wounding, discover your gifts while reclaiming your Divinity.

Guiding embodied healers to create global impact with confidence, divine wisdom, divine love and clarity while anchoring in the Blue Rose Codes of the Divine Mother. Creating a life you love in deep communion with the Divine.

We will start by helping you come back home to your heart, creating harmonic balance within mind, body, heart, soul and Spirit. Expanding your awareness, tap into your spiritual gifts by activating the 5 Pillars of Divine Embodiment. This creates a solid foundation for your personal pyramid of light

Along the way you’ll learn…

  • How to create balance between heart & mind
  • How to trust your intuition
  • How to tap in and channel your higherself
  • Energetic Activations
  • Powerful rituals and ceremonies to align your body, mind and soul.
  • Create solid boundaries
  • Expand your energetic Ka body
  • Face your fears with shadow work
  • Discover your unique soul purpose

During This Journey We Will Experience

Everyday Divinity Embodiment Practices: self paced movement practices to get you out of your head and into your body while promoting tranquility.

Sacred Cacao Circle: 6x Once per month on Zoom. Each month a specific theme to deepen your connection to all of life.

Soulful Vision Quests: 1x per week which includes but not limited to, channeled messages, healing, meditations, connect with guides, light code activations, Akashic Record clearings and more.

Everyday Divinity Support: Access to safe and compassionate community who will support and cheer you on along your Divine Embodiment journey.

Guest Healers: Professionals in the fields of kundalini yoga, sound healing, shamanic energy medicine and mediumship.

Transmissions with the Blue Rose Codes & Divine Mother Guides


Healing Transmissions from the Arcturian, Pleiadian and Sirian star nations.

Full activation of your 5 pillar Pyramid of Light

Each Month We Will Experience

Month 1- Body/ Isis
Come back home to your body.
Somatic practices.

Month 2- Mind/ Mary Magdalene
Uncover the shadow self.
Embracing the mind.
Claircognizant activation

Month 3- Heart/ Mother Mary
The power of healthy boundaries and healthy relationships.
Clairsentience activation

Month 4- Soul/ Hathor
Uncovering your soul desires and unique purpose.
Soul Retrieval.
Clairaudience activation.

Month 5- Spirit/ Venus, Sirius & Pleiades
Balancing Divine Mother, Divine Father and Uniting Divine Child.
Clairvoyance activation.

Month 6- Pyramid of Light/ Sophia & Gaia
Activating your pillar of light anchoring your pyramid of light sending powerful healing to the grid lines and sacred portals of the Earth.

Receive high vibrational channeled teachings, meditations, and energy transmissions to attune to the vibrations of the Blue Rose Codes within your body and consciousness.  These energy transmissions are aligned with the ancient wisdom keepers of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt through the Venus pathway of the Divine Mother.

Receive womb activations from the Ascended Masters Isis, Mary Magdalene, Hathor/Sekhmet and Mother Mary to support you to cleanse karmic imprints, resolve ancestral wounds and activate your creatrix power clearing pathways for creative expression of your unique gifts, reconnecting you with your sacred wisdom.

This experience is perfect for you if…

You desire to create healthy boundaries in your life, creating less stress and more bliss

You’re ready to dive into the limitations you’ve set for yourself and bust through them.

You are ready to take responsibility for your life, relationships and actions.

You are open minded and ready to learn more about your inner workings.

You know you are an energetic being of light and understand we all have the ability to connect to our gifts

You have a deeper calling for service to the world.

This experience is not for you if…

You don’t believe in a higher power.

You don’t want more for your life.

You’re unwilling to face your shadows.

You don’t have time to commit to your personal growth.

You want a magick pill to fix it all without doing the work.

You don’t believe you have the power to change your reality.


***First 4 enrollments, paid in full, receive:
Divine Destiny DNA ACTIVATION – 24 strand Activation (Valued at $555)

Sacred Heart Merkaba Activation Mediation (Valued at $222)

Journey through the Chakras Workshop (Valued at $111)

Find your Center – Yoga Core and Meditation Series ($111)

***Limited offering



$997 upfront deposit
$389 x6 monthly


Athena Seye is a DNA Activation Practitioner, Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher, Creatrix Womb Healer, Yoga Teacher and International Best Selling Author. She is a multidimensional healer using a mystical and holistic approach in life and business. She is the owner of Holistic Mystic Healing.

She mentors people from all over the world to deepen their awareness of the shadow self, unlocking their gifts, expanding their consciousness while connecting them deeper with their Divinity. Athena is a divine channel and anchors in the Blue Rose Codes of the Divine Mother.

She is the creator of Creatrix Womb Healing,

Everyday Divinity 6-month Embodiment Experience and co-creator of Earth Light Healing. Find out more at www.aholisticmystic.com