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DNA activation is a healing modality that goes back to ancient Egyptian times. It is a sacred form of healing based through the heart chakra and connects you with the earth’s grid lines.  This healing process will boost your confidence, increase clarity, improve your energy, reawakens your shakti energy, opens the energy pathways to allow a greater flow of energy through, removes seals placed on your spiritual strands of DNA, restore your DNA to its pristine crystalline form,  open your psychic gifts and connect you to the Magdalene/Isis lineage.

Each set of 24 strands is done in 2 remote sessions. No need to be present. I record each session, on video, and send it via email.


Explore the depths and the light within your soul to help you on your healing journey. Meet your Galatical Guide Team, Past Life Healing, Cord Cutting, Energy Healing,  Womb Healing, Light Language Activation and so more.  Join me for a 60min Soul Vision Quest that leads you to the messages & answers you seek to get you unstuck and back in alignment with your dreams.

This in-person 1-hour session includes therapeutic grade essential oils with vita flex foot treatment. During a session, clients feel relaxed and renewed. Reiki unblocks areas within your body where energy gets stuck as the result of stress, anxiety, depression the normal aging process, and disease. During your session, we will work on your specific needs using Reiki hand positions and essential oils that will benefit your personal healing needs on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


We hold so much power within us. At times we may experience difficulty accessing that creatrix energy due to stress, trauma, programming, and collective energies. Working with the Ascended Masters Athena will assist you in clearing, healing and expanding your sacred archetypal energies. This 90min session can provide more clarity on how you desire to show up & create in the world. We also dive into ancestral healing, past-life healing, and karmic release all while attuning & activating your living light body. Crystal, Light and Sound healing is provided in this session attuning you to the heart and womb of the Earth and the Cosmic Mother.  


Kundalini Reiki Master Certification is a 4 week course to learn the basics of energy healing and beyond while also tapping into your Kundalini life force energy. The combination of Reiki and Kundalini is a powerful transformational tool helping you and your clients become aware of the changes you want in life and assisting you in creating your desires.

We will meet 1x per week for 4 weeks.
We will cover: What Reiki is and how to use it.
Chakras, Auric field, body scanning, Kundalini breathwork and yoga, meditation, distance healing, crystals healing, pendulums & more. At the end you will be able to confidently work on self, animals and other people both in person and distantly.

Radical Guide DNA Activation can change your life!

What is DNA Activation?

DNA Activation is a beautiful healing process that allows the body, mind & your higher self to connect on a deeper level where you can actually feel Spirit within you.

It peels back the many layers that may be keeping you stuck in your life and/or business to unveil your true Soul’s Essence.

DNA Activation unlocks your true potential and allows you to shift into your Divine Power.  It is like the sun on your skin and you are remembering the warmth and radiance of all that is.  DNA Activation awakens a part of you that has been asleep for so long.

This ancient healing modality helps you continue to integrate as you progress on your spiritual journey.

It has changed my life so much that I became a Radical Guided DNA Activation Practitioner.  I now share this powerful work with my clients.


A few reasons DNA Activation may be right for you

-Feeling stuck in your life and/or business
-Feeling pulled to learn about your Starseed Lineage
-You are ready for the next step in your healing journey
-Have a deep desire to explore the depths of your soul
-Release vow & contracts through your Akasha
-Activation of your 2 main clairs
-Activation of your 2 main archetypes
-You are ready to unlock your magick
-Embodiment of your sovereignty
-You want to embrace your Divine Feminine Power and work closely with the Mary Magdalene Sisterhood Consciousness


Key benefits of DNA Activation and why this may be right for you

-Feeling stuck in your life and/or business
-Want a deeper connection to your soul and intuition
-Have a desire to discover your true life purpose according to your soul blueprint
-Want to dig deeper into uncovering the shadows that are standing in your way to living a life of passion and purpose
-You are ready to embrace all parts of yourself without the self doubt or self judgment
-Feeling pulled to learn about your Starseed Lineage
-You are ready for the next step in your healing journey
-Have a deep desire to explore the depths of your soul
-Release vow & contracts through your Akasha
-Increase intuitive abilities and clair gifts
-Chakra energy expansion and third eye awakening
-Increased love for life and gratitude for all that is
-Deeper sense of purpose
-Awakens your Shakti essence to allow your passion to flow
-Less internal resistance allowing a smoother flow through life’s obstacles 
-Activation of your 2 main archetypes
-You are ready to feel physically and emotionally more aligned
-You have a strong desire to connect deeper with the elements, the cycles of nature, animals  and your guidance team
-Increased clarity and synchronicity awareness
-Learning to detach from drama and people or situations that no longer serve your highest good
-Elevated energy levels
-Increased ability to regulate and balance emotional states. 
-Embodiment of your spiritual sovereignty
-You want to embrace your Divine Feminine Power and work closely with the Mary Magdelene Consciousness thru the Order of Isis 

Are you ready to awaken to all of who you are?

Clear energetic blocks
Ignite your inner courage & strength
Unleash your truest potential & reclaim your sovereignty!!
Book your 24 & 48 strand activations below. 

DNA Activation


What is DNA Activation?

DNA Activation is a healing modality where the dormant Spiritual and Galactic strands of DNA are activated unlocking the magic that’s already inside of you!

During DNA Activation we will remove seals and other implants that were placed on our DNA, along with clearing energy from the body, chakras, and past lives that no longer serve the highest good of our client in this life. All of this makes space for more light in the human container (or body), allows the activation to hold permanently, opens the channels and connections to cosmic energy and unlocks the magic that’s already apart of your genetic makeup.


Is RG DNA Activation permanent and does it require maintenance?

Yes, Radical Guide DNA Activation is permanent.

No, there are many ways to activate the Spiritual strands of DNA and some modalities and methods recommend regular maintenance; with the Radical Guide DNA Activation Method that is NOT the case. Once you are activated and restructured it’s done!


What do you do during DNA Activation?

 In addition to the Activation itself which is MAGICAL to witness…Here’s an abbreviated list of what happens:

*Seal Removal – Seals are energetic fences that can cause deterioration in the body, blocks our connection to our higher-self, scrambles universal energy currents to our chakras and meridians among other things.
*Repair DNA Strands – Breaks, Shadows or Discords are repaired
*Etheric Body Alignment, Energy clearing of the whole body,
*Akashic record clearing of past life contracts, ex. vows of poverty, silence and celibacy,
*Major Chakra Clearing and Meridian Balance, Aura Cleansing
*Activation and initiation of your Shakti serpent energy and Magdalene lineage code
*Deep Soul Messages
*Messages from your guidance team
*Cord Cutting from past karmic cycles you are ready to release
*Unlocking the Sacred Siddhi Essense of your higher self and souls current journey through Shadow work and Gene Codes
*Activation of your main 2 clair gifts (ex. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizant, Clairsentient
*Initiating and activation of the sacred feminine archetype within you on a cellular level (ex. the Healer, the High Priestess, The Seer)


How do I know if I am ready for this?

Are you someone who chooses the light instead of fear?
Are you open to the possibilities that you are complete, whole and healed; and that this process will activate all of the amazing things that are within you already?
Do you believe in your abilities?
Do you have faith in the Universe?
Are you content with life as it is and not one who looks at yourself as a victim?
Is your heart open to the possibilities that you could be the best and greatest version of yourself?
Are you open to receiving the Activation?
Is your heart chakra tingling right now?
Then YOU are READY!

If you are still working through a lot of fear and doubt around your spiritual journey, it might not be the right time for you. Only you can make this choice.


How does this work?

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to have your DNA Activated you can sign up below!

24 Strand

48 Strand

You can get scheduled in the next available spot.

On the day of your activation, I will PM you when I start the activation and again when I am finished. This is so you’ll be aware if you feel my energy connecting to yours…some people do.

You will then integrate the energy shifts for 7-10 days. During this time we can check in with each other as needed. Some like to check in with us every few days, others like to just go with the flow. I am available during your integration period via email or Facebook Messanger. 

When you book 24 or 48 strand activation this is done in 2 remote sessions.  I will record the entire process via Zoom and email it to you after I have finished (ex 1-12 strand is one session and 13-24 is the second session. Each session will have a video sent to you)


What do I have to do during my session?

Nothing, on the day of your schedule activation you are free to do whatever you like. I connect and work with your higher-self to do the activation. My only suggestion is to choose a time where you are able to give yourself a little self-care if you need it. You may experience a spike or dip in energy and may want to nap during your integration period.

So why the name “Radical Guide?”

After this activation we all become part of the Magdalene Sisterhood Consciousness creating a grid on this planet, your light and DNA will be anchored in the shift of consciousness and way of being.

This is a great service to yourself, your sisters, and this planet. This activation ignites the guide that lives in you. We light up so our sister’s light up…it’s time to show & tell, to shake this world up and create radical change. We are activating your inner guide.  This may be why you feel such a calling towards this healing modality. Your soul knows the way. It is time to trust your guidance.

During this sacred ritual we will be working the archangels, your guide team, the Magdalene sister consciousness and the power of the 4 elements. I will hold the space and connect heart to heart with you during this sacred ritual.